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BEACHBOOST® Finland 2014   Jyväskylä 8.-10.7. 2014

Welcome to BEACHBOOST®!

We have a great pleasure to invite you and your business friends to join BEACHBOOST® Finland 2014 in Jyväskylä 8.-10.7. 2014. This year´s event will be organized just in the middle of the Finnish summer! We offer BEACHBOOST® with great summertime flavors and stressful atmosphere and fun to join. You can participate either full program or just one day.    

BEACHBOOST® growth entrepreneurship event is a platform for high vision entrepreneurs and those representing diverse private resources of growth to meet each others. Speaking in terms of investments we are targeting our event to seed and angel rounds (investments of 0-0,5 M€) as well as "Series A and B" funding (0,5-3,5 M€).  If you want to know more of our fundamentals take a tour here. 

BEACHBOOST® is meant for

  1. Entrepreneurs (great ideas, start-ups and veterans)
  2. Investors (moneymen and wiseguys)
  3. Professionals (as team members)
  4. Service providers (as partners)
With bold vision, talent, spirit and passion and ready to exceed all the limits. Finnish and foreigners - we are global and we are local ja puhumme myös suomea tottakai!

Only The Beach is The Limit!

Together with our local and international partners we offer you a unique international growth entrepreneurship summertime event organized every year. It´s not just one BEACHBOOST® but series of events and services we are creating around Ambrosia Professionals all the time. It is a whole private growth ecosystem and we are proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to join already now - one hell of a ride, money, a journey of a lifetime and a business family! 

Let´s share together the ultimate BEACHBOOST® experience and the magic of the Finnish summer at its very best - "Only the Beach is the Limit!"

Sirsankallio, Finland 22.5.2014
Petri Hirvimäki CEO, Founder
Ambrosia Professionals

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